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John Briggs - Rendermaster - Specialist in External Rendering - Sheffield A decorative external render


Why Use My Services?

About Me

I started as a plasterer in 1972 and went self-employed in 1981 as a plastering contractor. Since 1989 I have concentrated solely on external work

I have just turned 50. I got into the trade because I wanted a job where I was on the move and I could see the end result of my labour.

All my employees are trained by me personally and are employed direct. They hold the relevant NVQ's and CSCS cards. I do not sub contract the work out.

A rendered wall and door

My Work

I use rendering system manufacturers offering 21st century rendering technology. J A Briggs is a SAS (Europe), SPS Envirowall, Jub UK, Johnstones, Beuwer & Vimark approved contractor. These manufacturers offer a 10 year product warranty.

Rendering Sheffield South Yorkshire

Wall rendering and renovations is where the outside of a wall is finished flat and smooth. It might be on bare brick, new build or we may need to hack existing render off to bare brick.

Pebbledashing Sheffield South Yorkshire

The pebbledashing mix involves same as above for rendering, but then the surface is covered in pebbles or crushed rock.

Tyroleaning Sheffield South Yorkshire

This involves rendering the wall first and then spraying a pre-mixed coloured mortar which creates a textured surface.

An example of tyroleaning

UPVC Fascia and Soffits

Normally only done as part one of the other jobs mentioned above. It involves replacing or capping over existing fascias and soffits and may involve guttering as well.

Monocouche scraped render

Monocouche scraped render is a flat through coloured render with the surface texture of broken stone. Popular on the continent for decades it has been used in the uk for the last 15 years mainly on new build housing but is now being used on refurbishment work where a weatherproof flat permanently coloured render is required. Being based on cement and limestone aggregates it can in the future if required be painted over which on plastic type coatings is not always possible. Usually sprayed on by a rendering machine although small areas can be hand applied.

An example of Monocouched Scraped Render

Insulated render systems

Becoming popular with new build, this system is ideal for solid wall or concrete panel constructed homes. Excellent for older homes with no cavity to bring up to today's requirements. This system involves fitting insulation panels to the exterior of wall and can be finished with most of the renders / finishes on this web page. This is the system used under the Government Green Deal Scheme.

A good candidate for insulated rendering in Sheffield The same house after insulated rendering in Sheffield

Synthetic and plastic coatings

These finishes come in a variety of silicone, acrylic and plastic coatings. Most are of a fine texture and some looking almost flat and painted. The plastic coating High Build is more like an exterior 'Artex' and the most chosen finish is bark. All these finishes are weatherproof, breathable and come in a wide variety of colours. An excellent choice for those who want a flat permanently coloured durable finish.

Synthetic coating


If you would like to see more example of the kind of work we can do, then follow this link

An Example of Exterior Rendering

How It's Done

Based on a 3-bedroomed average semi-detached house.

  1. Scaffold the elevations
  2. Protect any vulnerable surfaces eg windows, conservatories and drains.
  3. Remove the existing render by hacking it off with electric power chisels.
  4. Remove debris to a skip.
  5. Apply two separate coats of sand and cement mortar with the desired finish as above (rendered, pebbledashed etc) if we are working with a manufactured rendering product we always follow the manufacturers instructions.
  6. Clean and clear site.

Depending on the size of the house this takes about 8 working days.

What To Do Next

This work is seasonal, in winter I can be available in as little as two weeks, in summer it can be two months.

Following a telephone enquiry, I go and look and the job and send a written contract, which the client then returns signed if they want me to do the work. I do jobs in the order of the contracts coming in.

Area Covered

Contact Me

J A Briggs 14 Binsted Croft
Wadsley Bridge
S5 8NX
Home telephone: 0114 2321145
Mobile: 07973 953873
Email: jabriggs@rendermaster.co.uk


I have had quite a few good references from past clients, contact me for further details.

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